Dallas Shares Her Why

“I know what is it like to live with a loved one that is mentally ill. Family members feel lost when today’s mental health laws leave them no choice. A feeling of hopelessness begins to take root and threatens to destroy our lives. We can heal from the pain of our past.”

Dallas Teague Snider, Soul Restoration Architect ™, is the older child of divorced parents who spent her childhood with a mother who suffered decades from this mental illness. As a teenager, Dallas embarked upon a journey to get her mom the help she so desperately needed but refused to receive. Due to state mental health laws created to protect those unjustly committed, Dallas found herself trapped in a helpless situation, living the harsh reality that her mother’s health would have to become much worse before it could get any better. If Dallas could not prove that her mom was a danger to herself or others, there was no recourse to force her to get help.

“I never wanted to share my story.  In fact, I had done such an amazing job at surviving, I didn’t want to revisit a childhood that I could do nothing about?  What good would it do anyway?   It certainly wouldn’t help me to focus on what I didn’t have growing up, the lost years I could never get back.   I was a successful business owner as an executive trainer and coach, author, keynote speaker and media personality.  I had been able to address any challenge in my life head on and find a solution. It was only when my health began to unravel that my world began to cave in all around me. Suddenly this vivacious energetic fireball was now feeling a sense of hopelessness.

You see our stories do matter. They matter to us, they matter to our families and they matter to the next generation.  It is only when we transform our past that we can truly unlock the future.   Through my own healing journey, I know the courage it takes to step out and trust. Today, as an ordained minister, I am on a mission to help the children of God find their freedom.

Often times we are agreeing with the enemy and we don’t even realize we are doing it.  As your coach, my goal is to work with you to help you reclaim your joy and live your unique soul expression ™.

Yes, we can transform our pain into our passion. It is when we stop allowing the circumstances in life derail our joy that we can find true freedom.  I know this from personal experience.”

Who Are We?

Purpose Without Limits LLC is a 501c3 organization serving as a resource for those seeking to grow in their relationship with God personally, professionally and spiritually.  We believe that the many of God’s children often feel isolated and alone in the one place they should feel most loved- the church.

Dallas shares her message of inspiration and hope to those that are hopeless. You can get your personal copy of her new memoir Finding Dallas, A Spiritual Journey Through Childhood Abuse to the Glory of God’s Plan about her personal story of overcoming the bondage of abuse. Special pricing for bulk orders.

Today we are embracing technology to share the healing power of the gospel with a hurting world (the walking wounded) through our on-line ministry efforts, keynote speaking, personal renewal retreats, spiritual and professional coaching programs, individual freedom café prayer ministry, traditional and social media efforts, book as well as other resources.

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Why We Do What We Do?

What is this tragic disregard for human life that is running rampant in our world today? My heart is broken to see how our culture has been invaded with this evil as an answer. No life taken will ever give LIFE to those that take it. When one has no respect of the life of another, they have no respect for themselves. We must pray for our hurting world and ask God for a revelation and an awakening that every LIFE matters. As we begin 2016, decide to resist the war within. Choose to be a light and pray that others will be changed by the love you embody. This has sparked my vision to embark upon a global movement that we can all participate in regardless of our race, gender or religion. It’s time we stand and love boldly- at home, at school, at the office and on-line.

Our Global Movement

Think LOVE First! To create a global initiative and movement that fosters a kingdom love revolution that ushers in a culture of respect for our differences and an awareness of our common traits as human beings.  As God first loved us may we follow this lead and choose the same.

We believe that each heart that chooses   #Think Love First will counteract the darkness that seems to take center stage in today’s world. Where there is love, there is light. Where there is light, darkness cannot stand.  Everyone can take a pledge to #ThinkLoveFirst and together we can change the world.

We will promote this through social media, videos, events and products.  Learn more about how to join the movement and share your story. Join us on our mission to be the answer to a hurting world!

Learn more about the movement and join us under the Connect section of the site.

Invite Dallas to Speak at Your Next Event

As the Soul Restoration Architect TM, Dallas has discovered her purpose is to inspire and encourage others as an author, motivational speaker and media personality.  Her book Finding Dallas, A Spiritual Journey through Childhood Abuse reveals her road of overcoming and her path to the national MS. America pageant with the platform Wearing a Crown for Christ.

She is the creator and host of  Everyday Heroes with Dallas, Real People Making a Real Difference , formerly seen on ABC 33/40 and can be seen today on Parables TV and coming soon to WEAC TV 24 . She offers spiritual retreats and one on one coaching programs as well as a free on line membership community.

“I believe we can heal from our past and transform our pain into our passion. It is when we stop allowing the circumstances in life derail our joy that we can find true freedom.  As believers, we are often agreeing with the enemy and we don’t even realize it.  We are held in slavery from experiences , yet there is freedom on the other side.  I know this from personal experience.”

How to Book Dallas?

Just reach out to us either by phone 205-264-1361 or click on the Work with Dallas tab to submit a request. We will get back with you to learn more about your event and how we can help encourage and equip your audience.  Our mission is reach as many as possible in 2016. We heal in the sharing or our stories.

What Your Audience Will Learn?

  •  Learning to love your past to unlock your future.
  •  How perfection is the perfect lie.
  •  Honoring your inner child.
  •  Understanding your value.
  •  How to live your unique soul expression.