The Next Step

So are you tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results?  I am here to help you break through the mental clutter as you step forward into the life you truly want.

Your next step is to fill out the coaching application form below.  There is no cost at this point–this step helps me better understand your desire for coaching and expected outcomes for success.

I am committed to personally follow up with anyone who submits the form. And again, there is no commitment from you at this point. Once we connect, together will can determine if this is right fit for you.

This is a process, not a band-aid approach. Once I begin this process with you, your needs and clear direction become a priority and as your coach I am available via e-mail or periodic phone conversations in addition to the scheduled times together.  If you live in the southeast area, face-to-face sessions are an added bonus to the process. However, with the magic of technology, phone, SKYPE & email sessions are becoming more common, so distance is not an obstacle to your success.

Once you submit the following questionnaire, I will personally email you. There is no charge to fill out the application, and every prospect must complete the questionnaire. If you have any other questions regarding the coaching process, please email, or you may call 205-264-1361 and leave a message and someone will return your call within one business day.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the Work – and Life — You Love!

Yours In Success!
Dallas Teague Snider

“That every man find pleasure in his work — this is a gift from God.” Ecc. 3:13

By filling out the below form, we assume you are serious about pursuing coaching and I will be contacting you regarding your coaching options.