About the Show
We are inspired and uplifted in the sharing of our stories. Super Soul Sunday meets Our America with Lisa Ling in this fresh and uplifting radio format that captures the stories of everyday heroes and their real-life journeys. Weekly shows will chronicle the trials and triumphs of real people, real life. People like you and me who have made the bold decision to say “Yes!” to making their life count.

Our shows will unfold what our featured guests have experienced, how they have grown through their journey and what they are doing today to positively impact the lives of others. Through their stories, listeners will be encouraged and inspired. Our audience will resonate with the thought-provoking, eye-opening and life-changing insights featured each week. Weekly we will share a classroom of life with our guests serving as unofficial teachers for each of us.

We’ll be starting the show on Sunday August 13th from 2-3pm on Superstation WYDE 101.1 fm. Parter opportunities are available to expose your company, brand or services to our audience with :30 or :60 second commercials during the show. WYDE 101.1 fm has a coverage area reaching north just into Tennessee, reaching the state lines of Georgia and Mississippi on the east and west and mid way between Birmingham and Montgomery to the south.

We’re now a few weeks in and we continue to look forward to providing uplifting, life affirming programming to the airwaves. Join us as we strive to make an impact on the lives of others! Here  are a few samples:

Finding Yourself Through Your Brokenness: Join us in the conversation about America’s drug crisis and how it is effecting our communities. We learn how a seemingly simple gift is changing the lives of women being served and the women who serve them. We talk with Jamie and Rachel. Two women, two different perspectives- one goal- to LOVE!

Nameless, Faceless = Homeless or Does It? We sit down with Don Lupo, City of Birmingham and Anne Rygiel, Executive Director of Firehouse Ministries about the state of homelessness in our community, how they got involved and what we can do when we think there is nothing that we can do. We can all do something. Listen to this riveting conversation. Be informed, Be inspired.

Marc Phillips & Miraculous Healing: We sit down with Marc Phillips. Marc shares is childhood dream of being famous.  In the height of his big break with the group HOTEL, soon life would offer an unexpected blow. Now what? We talk about his miraculous healing through stage 4 throat cancer and the angels that showed up along the way. Listen and be encouraged.

Joy and Helena & NAMI Birmingham: Join us as I talk with one local family about living with mental illness. Like any challenge in life, the entire family if affected. So how can you get through these uncertain times. Joy and Helena (mother and daughter) will share their story to encourage listeners and shine a light on what is often kept in the dark.

Trapped in the Lie of Shame and Guilt… A Mother and Son’s Journey: Tune in as I talk with mother and son about how God has moved mountains in their lives. We can never trust what the world says when God says otherwise. Together they will share how God has transformed their life and how they are using this personal experience to glorify the Kingdom.

A Mother Shares How Losing Her Son Saved Her Soul: Join me on Sunday as I talk with a Rosemary O’Connor, Outreach Manager for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation about how losing everything, even her son, was the only thing that opened her eyes. Many of us see the person on the street and say, “That could never happen to me.” In our hurting world, we cannot look outside ourself for our joy. But what does that mean? We are not taught about this in school. The school of life will enroll us whether we sign up or not. Your very existence qualifies you.

Jim & Jill Moore and Adolescent BullyingJoin me as I talk with a Mom and Dad who are reminded daily that being silent is not an option. Today they are passionate about changing the bullying laws and educating others so they don’t suffer the same fate. We must do something to stop the violence. It’s a matter of life and death.You’ll hear their personal story and what they are doing now so that their lost was not in vain. No child or parent should ever have to experience this tragic lost. . Listen and be informed.

A Pastor’s Sex Addiction and How Getting Caught Was An Answer to Prayer: Greg Oliver is keenly aware of the devastation caused by pornography & sexual addiction. For years, during his time as a worship & music pastor, Greg secretly struggled with an addiction to pornography and sex. This secret struggle is destroying families. Listen to how Greg and Stacey Oliver are using their story to help others that are struggling. Listen and be informed.