Hey Y’all!

Yes, it’s here. My creative approach to a classic design with a sophisticated edge- Modern Day Scarlett.  I have always loved handmade items. In fact, as I have traveled across our country and countries around the globe, I am always most touched by the amazing people and their creative expression through architecture, art, music, dance and cultural uniqueness.

Thanks to my friend Janet who unleashed this new found creative passion during a rainy day in Miami, I now have a Etsy shop where you can see and purchase one for your very own. Each piece I create is given a name and infused with the prayerful intentions of light and love.

I am also revisiting my poetry, song writing and learning how to play the guitar. If you haven’t joined our free membership and received your devotional prayer Beloved, be sure to do so. It’s my gift to you! I received this inspirational prayer in Costa Rica during a time of prayerful contemplation. I decided to add music and offer it to you as well. It is a lovely reminder of a God that loves you!

I will post the items as I get them made, pray over them and infused them with love. All items are handmade and designed by me in my studio. Each piece allows you to wear something that is one of a kind, unique and will encourage you throughout your day.  Only you will know the special prayer that accompanies your unique artistic expression. You go girl!  The world is waiting.

So who is a Modern Day Scarlett– she is a lady that knows you she is, doesn’t follow the crowd, cries at sad movies, loves with abandon and will kick your butt if you mess with someone she loves. A Modern Day Scarlett can wear a romantic feminine outfit while negotiating with the best. She is her own person but loves to be part of a well run team. She is a woman of purpose. She knows everyday is a gift even when it doesn’t feel like one. She feels sorry for herself until she realizes this is just another way the universe is redirecting her course. She puts on her lipstick, holds back her shoulders and faces another day with hope. She is a gift to the world. She is me-  she is you!

I thrilled to offer this expression of my love. Be sure to visit my blog Modern Day Scarlett for the “You must be kidding?” musing of a southern lady.