God is the science that we seek to prove. God is the raindrop in the ocean of tears. God is the heart of all looking to be discovered. God is essence of my Spirit that has been dampened by pain yet waiting in the sunlight to reveal the joy within. God is…

I am the aspect of God sent for a specific plan and purpose. I am the voice of creation. I am the smile of the Divine. I am the hand and feet of God manifest on earth to usher in a new day for humanity. I am the story yet to be read. I am the journey yet to be taken. I am lighthouse on the island ushering others to heaven’s shore by the flickering light that catches one’s eye.

You are the beloved child of the Divine. You are the candy in the apple of God’s eye. You are the dream of the world filled with Love. You are the color in the rainbow of hope? You are the song on the heart of the angels. You are masterpiece of the dream waiting to be realized. You are me, I am you- we are aspects of the Divine shining our collective light to bring others back to the Love of God. #ThinkLoveFirst is our global mission to usher in Kingdom Love for all. This is the heart of God.

With light and Love –

Rev. Dallas