Integrity Meeting Solutions

Dallas is a CMP (certified meeting professional) and has been in the hospitality industry for  over 25 years. She has extensive expertise in state, regional and national city-wide conventions.

When praying about ways to support her outreach ministry efforts, she was inspired to launched Integrity Meeting Solutions. After researching and receiving the official IATAN certification (the industry standard for travel and meeting professionals), it was confirmation that it was now time to move forward. We have complete faith that those that need our service and have a Spirit to serve will see this as a complete answer to both the business and their desire to make an impact in the Kingdom.

Reminded that Saint Paul made tents to support his ministry efforts during the new testament era,  Dallas will use her expertise as a hotel site selection, contract negotiation and full service event planning division of our non-profit organization to support our local, national and international outreach initiatives.

Some of those initiative include:

  • Restoring the Foundations Issue Focused Inner Healing
  • Prayer Ministry, Life and Professional Coaching Scholarships
  • Everyday Heroes- Real People Making a Real Difference – now being seen on Parables TV
  • Think Love First- Our Global Human Rights initiative to foster Kingdom Love and a respect for all.

You can learn more about these ministry efforts under the Our Ministries tab.

Our purpose is to serve you with great integrity, professionalism and commitment. We have not pursued new clients in the past few years as we have focused on the ministry; however, today we are open to those that would appreciate having a proven professional on their team.  Our long term clients (over 14 years) can vouch for our commitment to their success. The hotel site selection and contract services save you countless hours and therefore both time and money. These time saving and risk mitigating services are offered at no cost to you- much like a buyers agent in real estate.  Let us help you make the process enjoyable so you can focus on what you have to do- plan all the details and make everyone else happy.

Contact us today and let the experts at Integrity Meeting and Events give you peace of mind and service that will exceed your expectations.  We treat your event as if it were our own, becoming part of your team.  It’s about creating meaningful experiences that Board of Directors, corporate executive, top clients and attendees will compare with others years to come.

Our Global Ministry & Outreach

When you choose to work with our team you are giving back. A percentage of our profits go to fund our global prayer ministry and outreach. Purpose Without Limits is a non-profit ministry that works with those wounded in life, equipping them to move forward and restore their hope for a better tomorrow.