So, What Is Partnership?

Partnership is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own. Being a partner with Purpose Without Limits Ministries is as simple as making a commitment to regularly support the ministry through your prayer and if you feel led, your giving.

There is no dollar figure necessary to become a Purpose Without Limits Ministries partner. Many people don’t have the time or the ability to give to outreach efforts, but they are able to provide financial support—whatever the amount—and become a big part of reaching others for Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries

Think Love First Movement

Think LOVE First! ® Our vision is to create a global initiative and movement that fosters a kingdom love revolution ushering in a culture of respect for our differences and an awareness of our common traits as human beings.  As God first loved us may we follow this lead and choose the same.

Together we will promote this through social media, videos, events and products.  Learn more about how to join the movement and share your story. Join us on our mission to be the answer to a hurting world!

eople that make a difference every day, their stories we will lift up the spirit of service and encourage others that they too can be a light in our community. you will find thought provoking and encouraging messages to accompany you along your spiritual journey to healing, happiness and wholeness. Remember we should never stop growing in our quest to understand the heart and mind of God. Jesus has broken the veil. Let’s not let His gift be in vain. Let’s not let our freedom be in vain. It’s time to understand who we are in Christ and begin living.

The Freedom Cafe' with Dallas Teague SniderJoin us on line with your coffee or tea for a thought provoking teaching and exchange as Dallas shares her heart and what the Holy Spirit is leading her to impart during this special time of sharing.  Together we will grow in our relationship with God while learning to hear His voice and living in the freedom that awaits to be discovered. Just sign up on the right to join our online community, it’s our gift to you and you’ll be able to keep up with all things happening with our ministry.

We are also arranging outreach dates with several local ministries to offer on-site prayer ministry days.  If you are a local non-profit or ministry and would like to secure an on-site day with us, please reach out to us by completing our scheduling request form.


Restoring the Foundations (RFT) Issue-Focused Ministry. All too often there is one major issue that stands out in our lives; one that just seems to bring us trouble. Through it all, we may feel shame, fear, anger, pain, or confusion. Perhaps it flares up only in certain circumstances, or perhaps it’s an on-going issue. Restoring The Foundation can help.

Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on the major issue that is troubling you. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four problem areas work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply the foundational truths to each area as we listen to God for counsel and direction.

The ministry session takes approximately three hours. These three hours can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an on-going burden in your life.

Will you join us?

Our goal is to reach out with God’s love and help as many people as we can. And we need every partner to accomplish our mission. That’s why we invite you to become a partner with Purpose Without Limits Ministries today. Because together, with God’s help, we can share Christ and love people all around the world. We hope you will join us.

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