After years of tolerating an unrelenting cycle of unhealthy relationships, I finally acknowledged my pain growing up with a bipolar mother and broke the internal barriers that had held me back for so many years. Although my outward appearance was one of confidence and success, my true self was suffering from the emotional, verbal and mental abuse I had endured.

It is my prayer that this book will offer hope to those who need it and a reminder to all that you can have a life of joy. Don’t allow your past dictate your present. Remember, life will never be perfect and there is no better time than now to step out on faith toward what God has called you to do.



  • Recession proof your career by knowing what your competition doesn’t.
  • Tips for how to get the job you really want.
  • Learn how to get more business and referrals.
  • What you need to know to be on the fast-track to promotion.
  • How to avoid common, simple and everyday mistakes that will cost you clients from other countries or cultures.


“I have enjoyed your books; they are relevant and helpful in today’s business world. I will be passing along some of the information in an upcoming staff meeting.  I am looking forward to our session sometime in the near future.”

Alisa Stephenson
Events/Development, MJBI
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Make Your Best Impression Home Study CourseFast Start Home Study Course

The C’s of Business • Distinguish Yourself from the Competition • Eye Signals • How to Make an Entrance and Work a Room • Improve Your Mingling Proficiency • Conversation Skills • Handshaking – The Ultimate Greeting • Introducing Yourself and Others • Responding to Introductions • How to Remember Names • Business Card Protocol • The Art of Small Talk • Golf Etiquette • Gift Giving

(1) Professionally Polished, Business Etiquette Savvy for Today’s Competitive Market Action Guide
(1) Executive Etiquette Power – E-Book
(1) The Unwritten Rules- Golf Etiquette E-Book
(1) Audio Home Study Series:
  • Business Etiquette Edge for the Savvy Professional- (sales calls)
  • Golf Etiquette- The Unwritten Rules
  • Recession Proof Your Business- 5 Key Strategies
  • Business Etiquette Dining Audio
  • Office Party Etiquette
  • Corporate Gift Giving

(6) 30 Minute Coaching Calls


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If you do not feel you get at least two new ideas that can help you in your journey, you can contact us for a full refund. We are that confident that all you need are the tools to be successful.

We look forward to seeing you reach your true potential.

beecd_coverExecutive Etiquette Power

Executive Etiquette Power is the essential resource to building professional confidence, making a great impression and solidifying your success with every business encounter. Discover what you need to know to advance your career from North America’s top executive etiquette experts.

As top experts in each of our respective specialties, we’ve joined together to give you the most powerful executive etiquette information and strategies available.


  • How to use to the power of social capital to advance your career.
  • Seven habits of highly effective conversations.
  • How to work a room for maximum impact.
  • How to cultivate influence and loyalty with clients and colleagues.
  • How to say it and not regret it, costing you personally and professionally.

And much more…


Golf Etiquette E-Book

Golf Etiquette – The Unwritten Rules

So have you ever wondered why people have said throughout the years that the best place to do business is on the golf course? Well, as a golfer, I can tell you – this is true. It is also true that if you do not understand the rules behind the rules, you can also sabotage your success.

This books offers you a rare glimpse into a world often unspoken, the world of immediate judgment leading to a sub-conscious approval or disapproval. Being aware is half of the battle.


  •  Learn things  nobody else will talk to you about yet judge you on; golf etiquette and behavior.
  • Turn time spent on the course into money in your bank account.
  •  Avoid the unspoken faux pas that could cost you both personally and professionally.
  • Learn the business strategy behind the game and how deals are made on the course.
  • Understand ‘the spirit of golf’ and how this affects one’s perception of you in business.



Business Etiquette Edge for the Savvy Professional – Audio Program

Ever wonder if there are certain behaviors that are not acceptable in the workplace? When a guest comes to your office, do you offer them a beverage? When you are making a sales call on a client, where should you sit ? The little things make a difference – we will discuss 10 steps to follow when you are the guest and when you are the host for a in office business meeting.



Golf Etiquette – The Unwritten Rules Audio Program

The golf course is still one of the best places to build and maintain client relationships. The goal is to cultivate relationships and build loyalty by spending quality time on the course, away from the barriers of the office environment. Understanding how to play golf is important, but the etiquette surrounding the game, hold even higher stakes. A faux pas on the course can unravel your original goal and leave you wondering why your calls are no longer welcomed.



Recession Proof Your Business – 5 Key Strategies Audio Program

When the going gets tough, the tough get focused. How can you position yourself to succeed during this economic cycle? In this audio program Dallas covers 5 key strategies to help you ride the recession wave.



Dining Etiquette Audio Program

Learning the rules of dining etiquette is a skill that will serve you for years to come. It is not what you know, but what you don’t know that can hurt you. Sharing a meal with someone takes a relationship to another level. As we get to know someone on a more personal basis, we are more likely to think of them favorably. Being confident in any dining situation will give you the ability to focus on the most important aspect of the meal, your guest.



Office Party Etiquette – Audio Program

Have you ever been the victim of water cooler gossip? Unfortunately, what happens at the office party doesn’t stay at the office party. Learn the keys to avoid the pit falls that can cause you to be the butt of all jokes and the last one to get promoted.



Corporate Gift Giving – Audio Program

Sarbane Oxley is just one of many reasons we need to be aware of gift giving etiquette. Learn what clients say are their top 10 worst holiday gifts. Not another logoed item please!