Hello Loved Ones.

I am back on Alabama ground. Today is #ThinkLoveFirst Tuesday and this is my special global message of love I feel lead to share with you. Over the years, I have been given direct guidance as my Spiritual purpose is unfolding. I have learned to record them as they come as not to forget them when they are ready to emerge.

In 2013, I was inspired in my dream time with the following pillars for my spiritual coaching and healing retreats. Please continue to hold heart space for the greater good as I move to manifest this in our physical world. I am seeking guidance from Heaven as I know it was the message for me and for so many of our brothers and sisters living in their shadow.

-Feel Your Pain
-Change Your Thoughts
-Heal Your Heart
-Nurture Your Soul
-Find Your True Self

Here you will find an on line link to my featured column that follows my global mission of ThinkLoveFirst.


When we peel back the layers of the onion we can live our Unique Soul Expression.

Grace & Peace to you!